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Wastepaperbin VR

Throw paper balls at trash cans... in VR! · By Vhite Rabbit


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Sticky Notes Hotfix
Hey all! Yesterday's update was a little messy, we broke the sticky note system pretty badly! But we already cleaned it up for you: Fixes Sticky notes now highl...
1 file — 0.10.1-itch
Recycle Update
Hello everbody! After quite a while, Wastepaperbin VR got an update today! We added some decoration and the option to toggle between a Recycling bin and the cla...
1 file — 0.10.0-itch
Hotfixes for Challenge Mode ✅
Hello everybody! A couple of hours ago we released the "Challenge Mode" update which did not load any of the modes. We are happy to inform you that this is now...
1 file — 0.9.1-itch
Challenge Mode Update
We are currently investigating lighting issues with this build. Consider it solved soon. Hi everybody! We have been concentrating on " Cook for the Giant (VR) "...
1 file — 0.9.0-itch
New Version /w full HTC Vive Support!
Hey there everybody! Today we release a second early access version of WastepaperBin VR with now full rather than "experimental" support for the HTC Vive and a...
1 file
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If you find any bugs, please let us know! Unless the bug is super obvious, then we probably already know it. Before you...
started by Vhite Rabbit May 01, 2017
4 replies
What did you like about the game? What did you not like? Did you get motion sick? We are very interested what you think!...
started by Vhite Rabbit May 01, 2017
3 replies