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Cook for the Giant (VR)

A speed reading game: quickly read through a recipe to find out which ingredients to throw into a huge cauldron. · By Vhite Rabbit


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Merry Christmas! 🎄
Merry Christmas everybody and happy holidays! We prepared an update for this special occasion, we hope you enjoy our new christmas story! Changes: Added 4 Chris...
1 file — 1.2.0-itch
Polishing Update ✨
Hey speedreading cooks out there! We polished the visuals of the game for you, especially noteworthy: the new book texture Falk created. The level selection men...
1 file — 1.1.0-itch
More performance
This is a small update which improves some visuals and performance a bit more and also adds support for the "thumb" and "point" hand poses with Oculus Touch. Fi...
1 file — 1.0.2
Small Bugfix Update
We noticed a couple of little bugs and decided to fix them immediately, so here you go: Fixes Hitbox for eating is now reasonably sized Fixed small font issue i...
1 file — 1.0.1
Final Big Update
Today the results of the #ue4jam will be announced, and you get the completed version of our game. Here is what changed: New Added 5 new levels Adjusted difficu...
1 file — 1.0.0
Performance Update!
This version fixes the horrible performance issues of the original jam version without changing anything else in the game. Goal of this update is to 1. make rec...
1 file — 0.5.1
Summer UE4jam Wrap-Up
This jam was amazing! After making every possible mistake last jam, this jam was crazy in comparison. We hope you enjoy the game! If you are interested in how t...
1 file — 0.5.0-jam
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